Event Dates:  October 13, 14, 15, 2018
Event Time:   9:00 am

This Trial will be held out doors in an open-side building with a roof. The surface is dirt/gravel. There is plenty of crating space, but you may want to bring a tarp or mat to put your crates on. Open to all breeds and mixed breeds. Dogs MUST be registered with Barn Hunt to participate in this trial. MONDAY OF THIS EVENT IS HELD IN CONJUNCTION WITH THE SIBERIAN HUSKY NATIONAL. Siberians have entry preference for Monday, October 15 only, starting August 1, 2018. Any breed may enter on Saturday and Sunday starting August 1, 2018. If the entry includes a Monday entry for a non-Siberian, the Monday entry will be held on a wait list until the Monday trials open to all breeds on September 1, 2018. At that time, if there is room, the entry will be added from the wait list ; otherwise, the runs will be refunded.

Trial entry limits: 120 runs per judge or 8 hours of run time per day Crazy 8s will be limited to 30 runs each day. Pre-entry fees: $15 for Instinct; $20 for Novice and Open; $25 for Senior and Master; $25 for Crazy 8 Entries received after early entry date & day of show entry fees:$20 for Instinct; $25 for Novice and Open; $30 for Senior and Master; $30 for Crazy 8s.

E-MAIL entries are accepted. Send entry to A signature (electronic or written) is needed. Email entries add $3.50 handling fee PER DOG for Pay Pal payment. Make payment to

Events Date: 
13 Oct 2018
14 Oct 2018
15 Oct 2018