Friends of the DuPage County Fair-
Let's Get Together to Support the Fairgrounds!

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The Friends of the DuPage County Inc. is a 501c-3 non for profit Corporation, with the main focus being the Renovation and Preservation of the DuPage County Fairgrounds. 

The Fairgrounds has been a gathering place for our Community since 1955.  The goal is to continue the tradition for many years to come.  We plan to improve current facilities, Landscaping, and add some new facilities.  All with the goal of offering better opportunities and spaces for the community to gather and enjoy.

This year we are focusing on a new park setting that iwll give us a community garden space, an orchard, monarch waystation, and some beehives.  The space will be available for some educational programming, food production, and some enjoyable musical and community events.

Another project the Friends has taken on is the creation of a College Scholarship  Fund.  We are in our fourth year of the Student Art Contest and Scholarship Program.  Over $60K in Scholarships has been awarded.  We would like to grow that program and possibly offer opportunities outside of the Art Contest.  Help support the Scholarship Program by becoming an "Art Angel".

Thank you for your support to help us continue our service to DuPage County.