Make a Pillowcase – Bring Cheer to Someone!

THANK YOU to all that participated in this great Community Project in 2018.  We collected 132 beautiful, colorful, Pillowcases that were donated to Ronald McDonald House.  We could not do this without your support.  Let's try and break the number next year.  There are many patients that are enjoying your gifts and giving them some joy as they battle through their illness.  Thanks again! 

Join the DuPage County Fair Association in Sewing a pillowcase for someone with cancer or a life changing illness.  All pillowcases will be donated to Ronald McDonald House and CDH Northwestern Medicine, and Delnor Community Hospital.  Help us bring a smile to the patients and make their hospital stay as pleasant as possible.  Pick a cheery, colorful and fun, cotton fabric (no flannel please) and make a pillowcase. 

Simply put your pillowcase in a zip lock bag and bring it to the DuPage County Fairgrounds now through December 1st, 2019.   Making a pillowcase is easy, rewarding, and it can have a positive impact on all recipients. 

Let’s help brighten and bring cheer during the Holidays to cancer patients as well as yourself for helping others.  


Here are some easy directions for sewing a pillowcase.  You can also find directions on web.  Just search for “hot dog sewing method”.


¾ yard 100% cotton (no flannel) for the pillowcase body

¼ yard 100% cotton for the border

Cut Your Fabric

42 x 27” for the body

42 x 9” for the border


You can use any method you like to sew your pillowcase, however, using the “hot dog” method and “french seams” hides the seams and eliminates all raw edges. Otherwise, please use a serger or pinking shears.

Hot Dog Method

  • Lay your border strip right side up.
  • Put your pillowcase body piece on top of the border wrong side up facing you. The two right sides of the fabric will be facing each other.
  • Pin these 2 pieces together at the top.
  • Roll up the body fabric tightly to about 2 inches from the pinned top.
  • Wrap the bottom of the border strip up and over the rolled “hotdog” to meet the top edge.
  • You should have the wrong side of the border strip facing you.
  • Re-pin the 3 edges together. You have now formed the “bun”.
  • Sew with a ½ inch seam.
  • Reach inside and gently pull the rolled body of the pillowcase out.
  • Your border is now attached to the pillowcase body with all raw edges enclosed.
  • Press the border.
  • To finish the pillowcase using French Seams, fold the pillowcase with wrong sides together and stitch a ¼ inch side seam.
  • Press.
  • Turn the pillowcase inside out so that the right sides are together and stitch a 3/8 inch seam encasing the previous seam.
  • Press.
  • Repeat this same process for the bottom seam making sure your corners are squared before you see the 3/8” seam.

Your pillowcase is now complete!

You do not need to wash the pillowcase, but please put it in a Ziploc bag.

Be creative

You can insert a bit of lace, rickrack, piping or even a flange (a 2 x 42” strip of accent fabric) into the seam between the right side of the border and wrong side of the body of the pillowcase.

Any questions call Ellen Sietmann 630-334-6487.